• Wacom Cintiq 13HD Creative Pen and Touch Tablet (DTH1300K)

    Miscellaneous Murray (Utah) August 17, 2017 600.00 Dollars

    This tablet is in prime condition. Never used. Still in original packaging.

  • *BRAND NEW* DJI Phantom 3 Advanced w/ Accessories

    Miscellaneous Salt Lake City (Utah) August 13, 2017 850.00 Dollars

    I have a BRAND NEW DJI Phantom 3 Advanced drone for sale. This drone has never been flown! Included with this drone is a hard shell backpack, two extra batteries, a set of propellers, a fire-proof travel back for the batteries, 3 PolarPro CP, ND4, ND...

  • Manfrotto 454 Micro Positioning Sliding Plate - Focusing Rail

    Miscellaneous Murray (Utah) July 30, 2017 50.00 Dollars

    This Manfrotto positioning slide plate is a useful tool for macro photography. Simple to use. Great for marco focusing and stack photography. This Slide Plate is brand new!

  • Clik Elite Contrejour

    Miscellaneous Salt Lake City (Utah) July 10, 2017 150.00 Dollars

    Adventure and Ski Photo Backpack

  • Clik Elite Escape

    Miscellaneous Salt Lake City (Utah) July 10, 2017 50.00 Dollars

    Clik Elite Escape Photo Backpack

  • Phantom 3 Professional

    Miscellaneous Salt Lake City (Utah) July 2, 2017 400.00 Dollars

    Phantom 3 Professional Perfect operating condition and a few scratches. Camera works perfectly., with two batteries. Just upgraded.

  • B+W 58mm Clear UV Haze Filter

    Miscellaneous Pleasant Grove (Utah) May 30, 2017 15.00 Dollars

    From the premium brand in camera lens filters, this B+W Clear UV Haze filter fits any lens (Canon, Nikon, Sony, Fuji, Tamron, Tokina, Sigma, etc.) with 58mm front threads and provides UV light and haze reduction. Many photographers also leave this ty...

  • ExpoDisc 72mm Neutral Digital White Balance Filter EXPOD72 ExpoImaging

    Miscellaneous Pleasant Grove (Utah) May 27, 2017 40.00 Dollars

    Get perfect white balance in camera with the ExpoDisc Professional Digital White Balance Filter. Simply attach filter, point at light source and take a test shot, then configure your camera to read that test shot for your custom white balance setting...

  • HOYA 72mm Circular Polarizing Filter PL-CIR

    Miscellaneous Pleasant Grove (Utah) May 25, 2017 24.00 Dollars

    Next to the camera and lens, many photographers consider a quality circular polarizing filter to be the next most essential piece of gear for outdoor photography. Polarizing filters are indispensable for removing daylight glare from surfaces, such as...

  • B+W 72mm ND Neutral Density Filter 1.8 6-Stop 64x (106)

    Miscellaneous Pleasant Grove (Utah) May 24, 2017 35.00 Dollars

    From the premium brand in camera lens filters, this B+W Neutral Density (ND1.8 64x) filter fits lenses with 72mm front threads and provides six (6) stops of uniform light reduction across the entire frame. This allows you to shoot with slower shutter...

  • Dynamic Perception MX2 Dolly Engine Motion Control Slider

    Miscellaneous Salt Lake City (Utah) April 25, 2017 350.00 Dollars

    Dynamic Perception MX2 Dolly Engine Motion Control Timelapse Slider. Original owner. Purchased new from Dynamic Perception. Works great. Comes complete with MX2 Dolly Engine, 6' Slider Rail, Joby Head, 2 Lightweight Tripods, New Battery (4/2017), Bat...

  • Lowepro Orion AW

    Miscellaneous Murray (Utah) March 29, 2017 55.00 Dollars

    I have too many camera bags so I'm selling my forest green Lowepro Orion AW. It's a heavy duty camera bag in the same color as in the stock photo and is in great shape. I've had this bag in the Colombian Amazon jungle and out and about at Pioneer Par...